Since 2005
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Inaugurating its business in March 2005 with its first cafй in downtown Yerevan, “L’Orange Lounge Bar” at 21 Tumanyan street became so popular that expansion came naturally. The development of the “L’Orange” chain continued with the opening of a new cafe, “L’Orange Azur” on 8 Moskovyan St. in 2007. This was only the beginning. Both cafes of the “L’Orange” chain offered their customers luxury jewelry and accessories and, due to its great success in this market, the company ventured into a new business. Shifting from lounge bars with high end offerings alone, “L’Orange” entered the diamond and jewellery trading market, opening its first shop, “L’Orange jewellery,” in 2007. All three venues of the “L’Orange” chain are alive and well, prospering in the heart of Yerevan. What’s next? Wait and see
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